Friday, September 25, 2009

Feeding Time

Ytd wen i came home after work, i saw the white pregnant cat sitting at the guard post... She looked hungry... I felt so sorry and helpless as i dun have cat kibbles wiz me... Then later wen i went out for dinner, the cat is stil there so wen i came back after dinner, i went to a nearby shop to buy cat kibbles... I tot i will be onli feeding the white mummy cat but ended up i feed about 5-6 stray cats around my flats.... Hmm.... guess i shld buy more kibbles later.... kekekeke... I felt so happy wen i manage to feed them....

Im very worry as i saw not onli one white mummy cat pregnant but a few of them are also pregnant.... Wat will happen to those kittens? How will the ended up? Is there anyone would like to adopt them? Even tho they are strays but the are beautiful.... I wish i could bring all of them home but i cant as my naughty precious boy wil go crazy....

I'll do wat i can.... At the mean time, i wil feed them once a day.

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