Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naughty Lil Smarty

Check out tis video then u wil know wat i mean by the title...

He's barely 3 mths old wen tis video was taken...

Wen he is 4 Mths old, He bully his bro, Maxter

Part 1

Monday, November 9, 2009

Look at how playful they are....

They have grown so much





Well, all of them have grown so much... All of them are soooo cute but sumtimes tend to be very naughty as well... Last saturday morning, Screamy sat on the food bowl n pee. Of coz i beat her... Then wen im back evening (i need to work OT on saturday & sunday), i saw her pee on the newspaper on the pee tray... Hahaha... She's smart isn't she?

One of my colleague wil adopt 2 of them but i yet to decide which 2 will be staying wiz me.... If can, i wish all 4 of them to stay wiz me but i cant... Maxter sumtimes get quite upsad wen i spend more time wiz 4 kittens... More else, Gal (mummy cat) dont seem to get along wiz Maxter... Will c how as time goes...