Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hmmm.... Today is the 1st time i start to write my own blog.... Lets see... wat shld i write ya..... Well let me introduce my two cheecky lil boys.... My precious baby, Maxter is already 3 yrs old plus.. He wil be exactly 4 yrs old on 7th March 2010... Soon isnt it... kekekke... Growing yet stil behave like baby... But no matter how old he bcome, he wil always be my lil boy...

Precious Maxter

2ndly. proudly introducing Lil Smarty... He is now 14th weeks old... His bday fall on the same day & mth as my little sis, Joanne (naughty lil sis) which is on 8th June 2009. He's not onli hyper or super active BUT its SUPER + HYPER ACTIVE.... He never get tire.... He wil play jumping, chasing, bitting ur toes/fingers (if he cant get to bite ur toes or finger, he wil bite whichever place he can reach on our body.... Yes, anywhere)...

Lil Smarty


  1. So glad that you've started your blog so we can get to follow what you have been up to. Nice to meet you, Maxter and Smarty!

  2. We've juz learned to write our own blog... Thks...